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April 19, 2012


Squirrel-related brush fire isn't first in Lee County

(Thanks to funny man)

Related: But while the Queens co-op residents being terrorized by the daredevil vandals say they know exactly who their tormentors are, they insist that they’re helpless in stopping the crime wave — because the suspects are sex-happy squirrels.

Yes, we know: "Sex-Happy Squirrels" etc.


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Firefighters say it must have blown a transformer...

"No, it's just ice cream."

J'S'G' ... this means that the animals and the machines are uniting (HAR!) against us ...

The Apocalypse is near ... mebbe the fact that I've never dressed up our dogs in cute outfits will get me a teensy bit of mercy?

As far as preventing power line damage because of animals, LCEC says power companies can help curb it by installing plastic shields on transformers.

I live in a Kansas CIty suburb. We have occassional brown outs and the utility ALWAYS blames the squirrels. I have, when reporting lights out, suggested there must be a way for them to stop the
squirrels, and I felt as if they looked at me as if
I was nuts (even tho I was on the phone). Nice to see some backup. And we need to get possess together....

Yes, I made a typo...meant posse's not possess.
The squirrels did it....

This is why they hate us.

I see the bot has a new captcha. The kind that is unreadable.

I hate bots.

that co-op is just down the road from my mom's... i'll warn her.
the city of ny has already done away with the noisy crows that carry disease. yet these furry bastids are allowed to continya.

OtU, did you ever see the movie Starship Troopers? The villainous alien bugs come in all sizes: the bigger, the more evil.

Now consider: out west, we have ground squirrels, about the size of chipmunks. In the east, it's mostly grey squirrels about the size of feisty kittens. But there are also groundhogs, a species of squirrel, about the size of a pork butt, before cooking.

Do I have to spell it out for you all? Dave is a prophet! Some day tree-sized squirrels will come to eat you, and you'll say "who woulda thunk it?", and Dave will just sadly laugh.

J'S'G' ... yup, I've seen that atrocity ... the book is excellent, but RAH's widow apparently sold the rights, and Hollywood butchered it ... but ... they kept the bugs, and yeah ... they's perty bad-a$$ ...

Where's "out west" ... ?

We also have "ground squirrels" ... misnomered as "gophers" mostly ... also Prairie Dogs, a larger version of the Richardson's Ground Squirrel (Flichertail, as opposed to the "Stripey" or "13-lined g. s. ) ...

Yah, I'll buy yer prediction, except fer the part about askin' "who'da thunk it?" ... I've always got a fairly large supply of rodent-removal stuff around, so if they get me, there'll be a lotta rodentical sideboys goin' with me ...

I once knew a girl who could blow a... wait I think this goes with the robot prostitute story.

>Firefighters say it must have blown a transformer...

Oh No! Robot sex for squirrels too.

OtU, "out west" for me means a wide area covering most of the dry southwest.

Your rodent-removal stuff might do the trick, if we could get those North Korean rockets involved. Maybe we should team up. Then again, I might turn out to be a rodent. Gonna have to think about that.

J'S'G' ... our locale is the Northern Great Plains, but I useta werk out in a general area as y'all describe ... seems I recall a story about folks out there usin' a propane cannon to "control" prairie dogs ...

Which is a step in the correct direction ...

A penguin suffers a mechanical failure with his car, calls AAA, and goes into a convenience store to wait for them to arrive. He crawls into the ice cream freezer and has himself a fine old time. When he goes back outside, the mechanic is there, and he says, "Looks like you've blown a seal."

"Oh, no," says the penguin, "It's just ice cream."

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