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April 28, 2012


Portable meth lab explodes in Oklahoma man's pants

(Thanks to Susan in Port Orchard, jon harris, Trent Whitney and funny man)


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A spare what? Meth lab or pants?

Didn't they open for Kanye?

Is that a Meth Lab in your pa **BOOM**!!!

One never knows when one must take his meth lab with him.

I underthand it made quite a meth.

Oh, we don't stuff meth labs in our trousers
in Okmulgee ...

Oh, yes we do.


"Is there a problem, officer?"

Exploding meth lab in his pants. Is that what they're calling it these days. I'm glad he wasn't making Ecstasy in his pants. I guess the chemistry wasn't right.

So before he became a Eunich, he was a meth-odist?

Rebel, rebel, your pants are for meth...
- David Bowie

Another proud representative of the old home state. Bootleggers seems downright respectable compared to these turkeys.

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