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April 11, 2012


Meth Lab Found In Boaz Walmart Restroom

(Thanks to Ed. Floden)


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Taking away a meth lab in Boaz is ruthless.

People have a lot of guts to do what they do today. Who would think that in a restroom they would do something like this.

Oddly enough, the pills did not come from Walmart

"Oddly enough" is not a phrase often seen in print journalism reports.

could've been another one of Dave's 'WHY WE LOVE DOGS'

*snork* from the link's comments:

Wal-Mart is killing Main St., Mom & Pop meth labs!

Making meth is a restroom? That sounds like a stall tactic to me!

I guess all those signs Wal-mart has about not taking merchandise into the rest rooms are just being ignored.

What next...herb gardens...?

At least in Boaz they had the decency to wait until they got into the restroom, in some Wal-Marts people do it right in the aisles.

"Why is this restroom such a meth?"

How do these people get all those pseudoephedrine tablets anyway? They practically strip search me and ask for an FBI background check before I can buy them at a pharmacy I've been going to for 20 years.

One way is to hire large numbers of the economically challenged to buy them for you, one pack at a time. Some guy in Atlanta, I think it was, just got busted for doing exactly that.

*Considers offerin' n'cin' a package of pseudoephedrine fer the privilege of strip-searchin' her ... decides to not even mention the plan ... *

Cindy, no kidding. In Massachusetts you have to produce your driver's license to buy actual Sudafed.

I glean a snork from NMUA.

One of my friends made a mistake of ordering lab equipment during allergy season. The SWAT team that showed up at his parents' house was not amused.

This story explains a lot.

A water bottle doesn't sound like much of a lab. Breaking Bad would be so much less dramatic with just a bunch of Deer Park bottles in a Walmart restroom.

If you don't mind breaking the law, it isn't hard to synthesize pseudo-ephedrine from cheap and easily available street meth using common kitchen utensils.

*snork* at Wolfsong!

(you owe me a keyboard!)

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