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April 12, 2012


The driver was arrested after his car became wedged in an office.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I'm pretty sure that's going to void the warranty.

Hey Boris, you need to switch to decaf!


At least it wasn't wedged in an orifice.

P.S. An obstetrician??? I'd hate to be one of his patients in prolonged labor.

Yep ... one of them Docs with a God Complex ... makes his patients wait for hours, but thinks he's too good to hafta do the same his ownself ...

Prolly all they had to read wuz sum old National Geographics from the 1950s ...

When I paid the bill for some minor service on the 1972 Pintos my wife and I owned, I remarked to the clerk that the balance reminded me of "armed robbery with violence".
She then pointed out the very thick glass between us. She said "a guy last week got his bill and pulled out a gun and started shooting".
Later that year, a man got his bill, got in his sports car, and drove it right through the service department, doors and all.
I think I see a pattern.

An impatient obstetrician? Do they do things differently in Russia, because both my deliveries were considerably lengthy.

yes, girlogic - he was impatient & rushin'

Usually car dealers give wedgies, not receive.

What was he smoking during the wait?

Mazar, because it was Russia. Who doesn't smoke there?

But looks like he got his car back, though he'll have to wait even longer for it now.

Steve, you and your wife had '72 Pintos? And survived?

Yes, frodo, they were almost identical except mine was standard shift. And we bought them before we ever thought of getting married.
They acquainted me with the terms "vapor lock" and "massive fire hazard".
Oh, I had mine worked on once. When I pointed out that the bumper was still bent down at the end, the body shop man took his HANDS and straightened it out.
Pure quality, they were. That's why you still see so many of them on the roads.
Sadly, that wasn't the worst car-buying decision I ever made.

Whut, Steve ... ?


Edsel? (Yer not old enuf fer that, I'm thinkin' ... at least a new one ... tho there's a guy about three miles north of me who has the largest collection of Edsels in the world ... 216 of 'em, IIRC whut he told me ...)

Pontiac Aztec?



Steve -- if you feel nostalgic

The fuel tank is removed, so you have to use a 1 gallon jug.

Lettuce not be too critical of the lowly Pinto ... one of my daughters rolled ours, full tank of gas ...

Nary a scratch, and no fire ...

Yeah, I know ... we should've bought a lottery ticket ...

In Russia, you don't crash the car. The car crashes you!

Wonder what I can ram around the doctor's office next time.

Learned to drive in a '66 Corvair Monza. Ralph Nader cringed. It was a fun car.

"It is doubtful that the issue of waiting for a car for 20 minutes from the time appointed lead the client to be in such a state," it said.

Well, now we've even got the Rooskies using the noun 'lead' when they really mean the past tense verb 'led'.

Steve, didn't "vapor lock" and "massive fire hazard" tour together? I think I saw them at Red Rocks...

Am I the only one who read "office" as "oriface"?

Guin...see my comment above:-)

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