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March 12, 2012




(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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mmm, cloetta plopp!

I use to live next door to a Cloetta Plopp. Who puts candy bars out at a wedding buffet?

Plopp, flopp, fizz, fizzle ...

and ... Cloetta? Cloaca? Whut's in a name?

Might have to add this to my list of "foods that go out looking the same as they did going in," along with lemonade, beer, Baby Ruth Bars, beef jerky...

Maybe they should rename it "Ker-Plopp?" Or "Flopp?" Love-less chocolate is the worst.

Sounds like the perfect dessert after a poop burger.

With a name like Plopp maybe they should make a "Relief" logo bar.

I don't think they've got a plopper handle on the whole naming food thing.....

Plopp..the sound the bar makes as it hits your stomach acid, or the sound of the "bar" exiting your body and hitting the water in the toilet?

Either way, sounds like we are gonna need more love...

Aren't plopps what they look for in a colonoscopy?

Cindy, isn't the better question who would cruelly deprive wedding guests of tasty chocolate?

Did anyone make an Alka Seltzer joke yet?

Wait - is THIS what they're looking for?

You get "Hugs" and "Kisses" without "Love" and "Joy"! How dare they?....wait a minute. What's wrong with that?

' the company's false promises of finding love and joy in a bag of candy left them broken hearted...

Here they sit, broken hearted, tried a Plopp, butt -

- well, you know

- oh, & *Björck snork*



Know whut?

No, no know whut.

Whut's to know?

It was tradition in my office to take a chocolate/nut candy bar and roll it in the hands to create an amazingly realistic fake stool. This would be put in the top drawer of the desk of anyone turning 50.
The last time this happened before I retired, the lucky lady opened her top drawer to find five of these.
There was also a note reading, "One of these is exactly what it looks like".
(None were; they were all edible. But it did get the "look" desired).

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