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March 14, 2012


Chickens loose on Highway 401 after crash

This has been Your Canadian Traffic Report.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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This could be a possible script for Law & Order...'Plucked from the headlines'...

The 401 usually has enough birdbrains on it without this poultry in motion.

Was the Chicken Lady present?

(Can you guess which Canadian series featured her?)

Where's a good chicken cowboy when you need him?

We're gonna need a lot more biscuits.

Why did the chicken cross the road?


Are they those giant fiberglass chickens which seem so popular in Canada these days?

Cage free- jack up the price.

Where is Wile. E. Coyote when you need him?

*snork* at NMUA

Kids in the Hall, Funnyman.

" I told... I say, I told you to be careful with those chickens, boy... But you just don't listen. You're standin' around with your bare face hangin' out and your mind ... I said, your mind in Arkansas. "

They better not go near the Olive Garden, there's a special on Chicken Breast Alfredo.

Who knew Canadians play chicken?

o/t but, Happy Pi day everybody. If I've done this right it will be 3.14 at 1.59 when this posts. o/t

Well done, NC. And it's not entirely o/t, because Pi is the result of dividing the circumference of a chicken pot pie by its diameter.

"Well, I was born down south, on a chicken farm,
Near Mashville, Tennessee.
T'weren't nobody there but a sky full of air,
Seventeen million chickens and me.
Then one day, I said "Hey, hey, hey,
Think I'll drop a little LSD."
It blew my mind, I got real kind,
and I set my chickens free!
Gilbert Shelton

Anybody know what company the poultry truck was from?

We Always Get Our Man.... Chicken?

Paging Foghorn Leghorn!


I ate some cherry pi at 1:59 yesterday. It was not irrational at all. It was a simple fraction of an entire pi.... Hey! where are you going?

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