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March 09, 2012


Dogs in Australia lick toads to get high

(Thanks to Dave Emery)


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Sum dogs'll eat anythin' ... and werse ...

What a trip! Dude, don't bogart that toad!

Whoa man! I need to go to Oz!

Grub grub it's paisley again....

It isn't easy being psychedelic.

australian? i thought dobby was american, cause i kept looking o'er the ramparts...

The dingo ate licked yore baybee toad....

And here I thought they just licked their... never mind.


When you've been lickin dog butt your whole life anything tastes good

Yeah, I know, right? No, wait....I don't actually know, I just assume.....



They do this in Florida, too. I know because I saw it in the movie, "Big Trouble."

You have to watch your dogs. My Boston Terriers almost died from eating mushrooms in our yard.

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