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March 19, 2012


French woman teaches her golden retrievers to play the piano

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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cindy, can your dogs do this?

Get cracking!

The French 35 hour week and month of vacation triumphs. Sounds like too much time on her hands.

They use paws for a furmata.

Look in the dictionary under "Too much spare time."

Jeff, I have a piano but so far they haven't shown any interest. My lab, Daisy, is pretty good on the violin though.

And speaking of dogs playing the keyboard, I'm paid to see worse performers than this guy.

"I've" not "I'm"

This one plays piano and guitar and dances.

They're still building their repertoire. So far, they've mastered:

Hound Dog
Puppy Love
Fleas Navidad
Doggy Mountain Breakdown

I don't understand why France loses to Germany every time.

Sach le bluer! Ze neu Liberace!!!

Impressive. Now how about a video of Billy Joel chasing a stick ?

Until I changed their diets, my labs could play the butt tuba.

Jeff ... yer first link is sorta between Van Cliburn and Jerry Lee Lewis ... shows promise ...

2nd one ... well, I'd bet he can't even do a G chord on the guitar ... so ... prolly best not give up his day job ... which looks like a sinecure one might envy ...

Such talent! Who says our country's going to the dogs?
They sure can play piano make noise.

Snork @ Jeff!

Playing the dog piano ...

Another euphemism, up there with air banjo and hiking the Appalachian Trail.

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