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March 12, 2012


Vomit bird throws up as defense against predators

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says, "Send it to Washington.")


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Mama bird: "OK, nestlings, we're going to see a movie. If you have any problems, simply GRB/RAN* ... "

(*Gag,Retch,Barf/Repeat As Needed)

They're not the only ones. I read about a school project involving showing the kids a baby vulture.
The baby got loose in a hall and the Principal obligingly stepped in front of it, where the baby vulture promptly got scared and vomited on his shoes.
Apparently vulture vomit is as (choose your own adjective here) as you would think it is.
Took the polish right off.

I actually had this happen to me. I was climbing some rocks on the shore years ago, and a petrel had a nest. She fired this jet of orange barf onto my jacket. It's every bit as repulsive as it sounds.

Apparently I'm afraid of the toilet.

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