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March 05, 2012


Eel-like creature identified as 'earliest human ancestor'

(Thanks to The Perts)


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No doubt leading to a whole branch of the semi human family tree consisting of politicians and lawyers....

Primitive Chordates ... din't they open for the Stones?


Let's call him "Rush".

Steve - they said HUMAN ancestor.

"Scientists are still researching, and the only thing that has been definitively found is the fact that these creature all had law degrees."

Ed Schultz & Rev. Al,'cept they gained weight.

Oh, Loud' ... y'all know Fast Eddie? Y'know, he wuz such a character, Nodak decided to share him with the rest of the country ...

No need to thank us ... gettin' him outta here wuz enuf reward ...

This is déjà vu all over again -- biologists used to think that a similar animal was a human predecessor; see these lyrics or listen to the song here.

They must have been looking at Pelosi's family tree.

I note the modern scientific method of implying that the newest conjecture/theory/surmise/guesswork is fact. And never with a retraction of the previously discovered 'fact' which the newly discovered 'fact' has laid to rest.

*coff* *coff* *pelosi* *coff*

Just imagine, this guys 10 to the 25th power grandson went to the MOON!. Never say impossible.

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