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March 27, 2012


Robot Records Fish Farts

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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probable farts? Guess they'll have to send a smell-o-vision camera down there to be sure.....

This story mentions the buoyancy bladder ... so ... how does the device differentiate between belches and farts?

Smells a little fishy, to Moi Ownself ... merely sayin' ...

Here's Dave's science update for the day. Unbelievable that the ocean is recorded for fish fart sounds.It's so very important don't you know.

They prefer "fish toots", thankyouverymuch.

Well, EVERYBODY knows how hard it is to fart below 40 meters.

It was the dogfish, I swear!

goes without saying that Nightime Fish Farts WBAGN...

Dang, MtB! I picked up a cold on top of my major allergy attack, and I think I might've sprained an intercostal sumthin' the other day, with the violence of my coughin' ...

Yer "dogfish" line made me loller, and it brang back painful memories of that prior injury ... but funny!

Other things they heard. This and this.

No wonder Ariel made so many funny faces in that Disney cartoon!

Good subject for yet another season of " Most Dangerous Catch " .

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