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March 13, 2012


Pulverized Potties.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Tho I seriously doubt that the stools wuz actually "made into concrete" (it'd be more like, "used as aggregate in a concrete mixing process" to be more precise ...), this story wuz fairly well-written, and the "reporter" snuck in a few semi-decent puns while still retaining a solid footing in proper usageness ... I'd give this "news" item three-point-five out of five potties stars ...

Poticrete will become a favorite of homeless folks and
dogs everywhere! But we undertsand it is very slick and slippery in a rainstorm, but easy to 'spray wash"

"When you have nothing to go on, use Poticrete..." the manufacturer's suggested slogan...

Reporter's name we are not making fun of: Gary Chittim.

"reliable commodity"


"The road to hell is paved with good intestines."

*good chuckle @ MtB's citation*

so the potties have to be moved, then cleaned (i imagine that wax ring residue would not be so good in concrete) and then ground before being used to replace, what, gravel?

good thing cause our gravel supplies are depleted and before long haliburton and wal-mart will have used all the gravel in the world and then the old people will be out on the street but the street will be made of dirt because the gravel's all gone and won't somebody think of the children.

mud' ... Sum of the children (in less-privileged neighborhoods) actually rely upon gravel as part of the supply of their daily nutritional intake ... I mean, who has not seen at least one example of a kid eatin' dirt, gravel, other "byproducts" lyin' around the yard/street ... ? ... merely sayin' ...

Yes, please ... think of the children ...

The war against high flush toilets continues.

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