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March 06, 2012


Defendant's pants fall down in court

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"Pandering" charges?

Mebbe he wuz merely advertisin' ... ?

The evidence will never hold up.

I imagine at 51 the gentleman needed extra-large pants to maintain his street credibility while pandering.

In almost unrelated news the young lady from North Carolina in the story about distracted workers seems to have forgotten that when standing the legs go on the bottom. I do not understand how anyone who does not know how limbs work managed to make it into college.

*snork* at Dave's headline.

man i hate when that happens...

By all rights he should have received a suspendered sentence...

.... and the charges dropped.

was there circumcisal evidence?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA@ligirl's ... um ... "pronunciationalismness" ...

I'm sure his lawyer argued that in his client's native country of Clevelandia, dropping one's pants is a sign of honor and respect.

His lawyer is ticked because the defendant is a little short.

The judge wanted to see if the lawyer was familiar with his 'briefs'?

another example of the penal (pun) system going soft...

"pants Falling down" in prison is a sexual come-on...

I guess the lawyer was a Pubic Defender?

More than likely, Betsy ... more than likely ... (gotta be a fee in there sumplace, for additional "exposure" charges ... )

And did he respond appropriately when the bailiff said, "All rise"???

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