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March 05, 2012


“O.K., the Uzi is down right now — sorry!” Melissa Krause, a hostess dressed head to toe in a skin-tight black outfit, with a fake pistol attached to her hip and black boots, told a father and son who had driven three hours from Victorville, Calif. “Is there something else you wanted to choose?”

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Don't you hate it when the Uzi is down?


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There's a blue pill for that......

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... been kinda plannin' a trip to Vegas one of these days ... well, years ... might hafta be sure I've got sum extra change in the wallet ... legally goin' "full auto" would be a neat-o experience ...

You drive three hours from Victorville and then the Uzi is down? Grr, I do hate that, Dave.

Wait, if the Uzi is down do you get an upgrade to the m-60 for the same price? With an upgrade I wouldn't mind the Uzi being down.

Oh yeah....THIS is a good idea...

ah, How could they tell? The Uzi is a bit short to start with.

Victorville, aka "VictimVillle" is home to the 17th most dangerous Wal-Mart in the United States. Last year, 68 people were robbed there, inside, while shopping. So driving the 2:20 minutes to Vegas (Not that wretched 3 hour claim!) to fire an Uzi is understandably self-defense training.

What could possibly go wrong?

Not much, really could/should go worng ... it's like when we'd go to church, and I'd lock the doors on the vehicle and MB(RH?) would wonder why ... it wuzn't the folks inside I wuz worried about ...

Same deal with the ordnance ... inside, it's not likely to present much of a problem, especially with trained firearms handlers supervisin' ... now, if the main attractions should ever go outside the store ... THEN the problems would begin ...

Sounds like Victorville could use it's own branch.

IIRC, Victorville has it's own branch of institution operated by the California Penal System ... mebbe these robbers and such are merely out on werk release?

“The reason we did that is we didn’t want someone to say, ‘Ah, you just went to a strip club and got a bunch of strippers and gave them guns,’ ” he said. “That’s not what we did. We have veterans that are officially trained in the military in the use of firearms.”

So the veterans wear skimpy, leggy, stretchy black outfits and are called 'hostesses'? Yeah, I could see why no one would DARE say they were just strippers with guns.

I certainly hope we can cheer the poor uzi up!

Maybe a lap dance?

A person would wanna be extra careful with that premise, Mrs. D ... becuz when an Uzi "squirts" it's a LOT more dangerouser ...

Actually next time I am in Vegas I probably wouldn't mind going there. We use the H&K MP5 as our standard secondary weapon in the RCMP, but we alter it so it cannot be fired on full automatic. Fully auto weapons are an idiotic choice for a police force.

But when training with the weapon after it was introduced, we were given an opportunity to fire it on full auto...a complete and utter waste of ammunition and completely unsuitable for police applications but....it was a blast...

FUnny man, you might say that. But the Strippers DO have semi-automatic guns. I wouldn't call them strippers unless I was a significant distance away.

Afkat, I keep trying to tell my local police chief that fully auto weapons are a idiotic choice for police too - if he needs that type of firepower he should call in the army. He won't believe me and keeps arguing that the local police need m-4s and maybe even a tank, even though no local officer has fired a firearm in the line of duty since the 1930s. I'm beginning to think he might be compensating for something.

max, but you never know when you'll need to coat a city block in suppressive fire.

Max and Elon: Forget the guns and give the police force strippers. Talk about crowd control!

Is that an Uzi in your shorts or are you just glad to see me?

♫ Las Vegas, Nevada
A helluva town
The Colts are up
But the Uzi is down
The strippers hostesses flash
Their weapons around
Las Vegas, Nevada
A hell-u-va towwwwwwwwwn! ♪

" ‘Ah, you just went to a strip club and got a bunch of strippers and gave them guns,’ ”

And invite a pre-emptive Israeli airstrike ? Are you crazy ?!

Am I the only nerd thinking UZI down? These guns are built to work under very adverse conditions, like being covered in sand or mud. Takes talent to get one to malfunction on a range.

I think the blog needs a field trip.

I've never fired an automatic but my two guns are semi-automatic.
I once aimed at an innocent bird flying by (it was in my stupid youth as opposed to my idiotic adulthood) and blasted off every shell in in the rifle. I believe seventeen went off in about 3 seconds.
And the bird flew on.
A well-trained assassin would sometimes be more effective than a poorly trained army.

Uzis have a wicked climb. Remember that 8-year-old who shot himself in the head at some county fair?

Yeah, maz' ... I wondered about that, too ... sum of them tourists must be perty hard on the ordnance ...

Elon, you might be on to something this is just a ploy to get us to put up a city block so he'll have a place to use the m-4s.

Eh, the guns that make their way to a place like this, especially foreign-made weapons like the Uzi, are often not new, or even close to it. Old, worn gun + running on auto most of the time (not good for a gun) + handlers who are not necessarily the most knowledgeable = frequent breakdowns.

Is the house band for this club named The Jam Session?

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