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March 19, 2012


A man knocked out a Applebee's manager inside the Melbourne restaurant after getting bad reviews about his karaoke performance, police said.

(Thanks to Poker, who says "It's time to play Guess the State!")


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What would happen if you put a karaoke stage in a Chuck E. Cheeze's in Miami?

I'm guessing he wasn't singing Manilow. I'm betting it was "Kung Fu Fighting" or "Eye of the Tiger."

Considering what he looked like in the photo I'm guessing he was singing, "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt".

"Don't you want me, baby?"

Are you asking me or padraig, Jeff?

♪ .... I hit it
Myyyyyyy waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy! ♫

"A man knocked out a Applebee's manager..."

Is our reporters learning grammar in school? Where is a editor to catch things like this?


Just be glad it didn't say "knocked up a Applebee's"..

especially if they were both men, NTTATWWT.

Is the karaoke "bar" feature common at Applebees?

Sure sounds like the way to attract a swinging

(and punching) crowd!!!

Wait! I just found out they serve drinks at Applebees (wink, wink)!

You don't suppose...alcohol was a factor?

funny man broke the blog.

Will he sing when the cops question him ?

funny, we usually try not to lean to the left or right on this blog, we leave that to the political blogs.

*Tries to shake off italics*



Sheesh! Can't a guy enjoy a couple appletinis and sing "I Feel Pretty" at the top of his lungs anymore?

Another erosion of our Constitutional rights!

Shoot, if I punched out everybody who tells me to stop singing, I'd have hit...well, I'd have hit my daughter when she was two.
Couldn't do that, so I took her advice.
And the neighbors breathed a sigh of relief.

Charges: Assault, battery, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, Karaoke abuse, impersonating Matthew McConaughey.

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