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March 06, 2012


If an officer gives you a ticket, do not attempt to high-five him.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I agree never do that at all.

Stick with head-butting.

Well, when you gotta go you...probably shouldn't.

They don't like noogies either.

... or wet willies.

... or purple nurples.

If a five doesn't work, don't try a twenty.

Chest bump?

I saw "Audible Crack" open for Whitesnake.

For some strange and unearthly reason....ok, "unearthly" might be a little over the top....."audible crack" makes me think of that guy was was getting thrown out of a club or something due to flatulence....

"WHO was", not "was was", or even "was not was".

I need more caffeine.

And git yer flatulence offa my lawn!

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