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March 12, 2012


Cop: Girlfriend Attacked Me With Justin Bieber Doll

(Thanks to Poker)


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No big deal. If the doll is anything like its namesake, it's pretty lightweight.

Next time he should grab a Ken doll. Ken could kick Justin Bieber's butt. If he really wants to kick some @ss he should grab a 1960's GI Joe.

Shoulda uses an Oscar the Grouch doll ... woulda left a definite message ...

In some states, recording a police officer is a greater crime than being assaulted by one.

Did she have a concealed carry permit for that doll? And if not, could she conceal it anyway?

I like how he pretended it was the girlfriend's Bieber doll. Sure it was...

Remember, when Beiber dolss are illegal, only the criminals will have a Beiber.

No excuse for beating the crap outta anyone.

If he wanted to sink to her level, he could have
thrown er made her listen to Barry Manilow.

"She said the argument began during dinner when Nuanes gave her an ultimatum to change her Facebook page status to say she was in a relationship with him, the affidavit said. Nuanes then ordered her out of his house."

How did no one see this yet?

Where was Chuckie during all this?

(NOT referring to the well-known rodent/restaurant propietor]

Never bring a Justin Bieber doll to a fist fight.

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