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March 13, 2012


Woman arrested for beating boyfriend with jar of jellyfish

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who saw Jar of Jellyfish open for Sting)


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The unanswered question is why he had a jar of jellyfish lying around in the first place.

He expected the jellyfish to make him some jelly, probably grape, but so far...no results.

* ... hums ... 'Would ya like to swing on a star ... carry jellyfish home in a jar ...' ...*

Once again, someone is ensnarled in the menacing tentacles of alcohol.

It takes a LOT of alcohol to start seein' those menacing tentacles....

"...jelly fish killed my papa,
drove my mama mos' wild..."

A "jar of jellyfish" is not a glass globe.
Breaking a glass globe over someone's head might hurt, depending oh how thick said head was.
"Said head". Heh.

He brought the jellyfish home from Olive Garden as part of a doggie bag.

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