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March 07, 2012


Courthouse partially evacuated for coconut

(Thanks to Blunt Hobo)


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A valid concern.

Was it left there by a swallow?

European or African?

Ginger or MaryAnn? Both had a "thing" for coconut-cream pies.

Sounds more like a SPYvsSPY scenario: White spy relaxing in lounge chair spots suspiciously "doctored" coconut in palm tree above him, drags ladder into place and climbs up to inspect it, than finds LADDER has been doctored instead...

Mental terrorism, no doubt about it!

Handle with care!
You never know when a bear's egg will hatch.

Perimeter Check!


Coconuts kill people every year around the world! Of course they do it by falling on their heads...

♪ She put de time(r) in de coconut, she shook 'em all up... ♫

I got nuttin.

There was some movie a ways back in which a bank was robbed by a guy in a clown suit. Then he took the suit off, mingled with the victims, and told the police that the robber said, "Up your butt with a coconut -- and I think he was prepared to do it. I don't know if he had a coconut -- I didn't see a coconut ..." It went on like that for a while. Or did I dream it?

I had that SAME dream! Almost. Except the robber wuz dressed as a Fireman, and later he said, "Up yer nose with a rubber hose!"

And I din't see a fire truck anywhere ... but there wuz a fire hydrant nearby ...

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