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March 08, 2012


Llovera was on probation for a misdemeanor violation of being present at a cockfight. The Sheriff’s office suspected that he had roosters and chickens on his property, a violation of his probation. And, apparently, a job for Steven Seagal: Lawman.

According to court papers, the Sheriff’s office says its use of a tank, a bomb robot, and 40 deputies to storm Llovera’s home was a normal course of action.

(Thanks to Amy Tewalt and Paul Dodds)


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I know the difference between chicken salad and chicken sh ... well ... y'all prolly know the rest of that line ... eh?

You should see how we handle jaywalkers.

It may seem like overkill, but you don't want to choke where chickens are involved.

Had nuthin to do with Seagal. We was after the cocker dude, and you never know what the cocker dude'll do.

Being arrested is humiliating enough, seeing Steven Segal and cameras coming has got to be salt in the wound.

Simply saying the words "Steven Seagal" is hilarious.

Arizona: The new Texas!

IIRC, Molly Ivins (RIP) once thanked Arizona for making Texas look normal.

Next up, on Ted Nugent, Critter Control! Ted and the 101st Airborne take down a serial leash law offender in Kalamazoo. Brought to you by Olive Garden.

I just rewatched PATTON the other night. He would've approved.

I am alarmed by the increased militarization of the police, with SWAT teams, originally intended for desperate hostage situations, being used routinely for serving warrants, with doors broken down, often innocent people held at gunpoint, and dogs shot. Just because resources have been made available, justified by the War on Terror, doesn't mean that they should be used promiscuously on the public.

Rant away, Ernie ...

One might hope that sum of the LEOs have a modicum of common sense in at least a few of these instances, but too many examples of "overreacting" exist to enhance that line of wishing ... our small-town police officer station would, I think, have a bit more perspective ... but then since they know I've a CCW permit, mebbe they'd not take the chance, and break down my door ... we'll try to avoid precipitatin' that scenario ...

"According to court papers, the Sheriff’s office says its use of a tank, a bomb robot, and 40 deputies to storm Llovera’s home was a normal course of action."

Hey! There were CHICKENS on the premises. You know how dangerous and unpredictable they can be!

Plus, it was good practice for next week's raid on the kitten farm ...

Cop toys. If you've got 'em, you want to play with them...

I'm not even slightly concerned about the militarization, soi-disant, of the cops. It's the growing desperation and recklessness of the bad boys that worries me, right up there with the rapidly growing number of hate non-profits that seem to be popping up. Give the Cops Bradleys to ride around in, I say. And a few more of 'em wouldn't hurt.

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