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March 31, 2012


Wang rehab ahead of schedule

(Thanks to ligirl)


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Well that is a relie,f though being a girl of the female gender, I don't have one.

Moves comma to the right.,

Rehab? Who knew a wang could be an addick?

"I want to make sure we don't rush him ..."

Johnson speaking of Wang. *Shakes head*


they'll need him to go deep, but is he ready to visit busch stadium?

"It feels great," said Storen.

WHAT kind of rehab we got going on for Wang, or Johnson, or both, and was Storen asked to lend a
hand or did he...????

wang, johnson.......... what about willie?

Merely wonderin' if Wang is a righty or lefty ...

thread, of course ... wadju think I meant?

Was it in a sling?
How could I put that better?
A banana-hammock?

As long as they're not talking about a cast, Steve, things are looking up.

You mean soon Wang will be up and playing?

Dave's blog always makes me feel way more mature.

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