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March 11, 2012


Flying squirrels are breaking into attics and stockpiling food.

(Thanks to funny man)


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I blame Al Gore.

Come to think of it, Al Gore & the Flying Squirrels WBAGNFARB.

A 'flying squirrel removal job"...isn't that a code for escalating the human-squirrel war? I'm in!!!

This is not good.

This is also not news. Squirrels have been Soffit Sneakin' and Shingle Rippin' fer hundreds of years ... it's time we finally did sumthin' serious about this menace to civilization ...

Terrorist Bastards!

Why did it have to be in North Carolina? We've had an incredibly warm winter so I'll have to add this to our worries about mosquitoes, bugs, ants, and moles.
If you encounter a flying squirrel in your house do not confront them.
Don't worry I won't.

sounds like a bad case of squirrel flu

The Squirrel Air Command. DefCon 3.

The pic looks like a cloth diaper with a squirrel head sewed on it.

Just put one of the Burmese pythons running wild in FL in every attic. Voila, problem solved ! And in no time you'll have a 20 ft, 400 lb, quiet companion.

Well, that "do not confront them" thing is just standard government tush-coverage. If you're properly equipped, you can confront a whole range of remotely controlled flying drone rodents (UARs.) A Vulcan Phalanx CIWS is a good counter-measure for sea skimming squirrels, whereas the higher-flying, slower targets can be safely engaged with a shoulder-fired SAM of one kind or another. It's really just a matter of selecting the right hardware.

Whoa to Omniskeptic. Has anyone approached you on the movie rights ? Bruce Willis has to be the man in this epic.

Don't call me surely.

"If you encounter a flying squirrel in your house do not confront them.

"Instead just write down the time and part of the house you saw or heard them."

And that will help how?

I don't know, LeDud -- I see Ted Nugent as better for the lead. Maybe Willis could play the squirrel? Or the air banjo?

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