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March 11, 2012


Passengers on Delta Air Lines Flight 486 this week looked down and found a pair of penguins waddling down the aisle of their Atlanta-to-New York bound aircraft.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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It was the new owner of Delta's first change: they no longer had human flight attendants.

Penguins will work for fish, thus saving the airline several hundred dollars annually.

The birds must've had a connecting flight thru (inevitably) Atlanta ...

During the commotion, many passengers whipped out phone cameras to snap the birds.

Isn't snapping someone with your cell phone abuse?
Especially those with meatllic cases can really hurt.

(The article didn't say anything about photos...)

If they had extra luggage Delta would put it on their bill.

i thought penguins couldn't fly

Hey, they made it through the full-body scanners just like everyone else.

Like everyone else, they ignored the safety video.

One of them was actually Danny DeVito.

well the stewardesses flight attendants were helpless because they are only allowed to use force on those moving from coach to first class, not the other way around.

The penguins wouldn't have been as much of a problem if they hadn't insisted on window seats and still got up 5 times during the flight.

Were they slapping people on the knuckles with wooden rulers?


As God is my witness,I thought penguins were flightless.

They thought they had the flying fish market all cornered.

Somewhere, there's a New Yorker with a frequent flyer card, and he's really unhappy about not getting an upgrade.

Photos and footage: http://travel.aol.co.uk/2012/03/10/delta-passengers-surprised-by-penguins-on-the-plane/

"... a foot and a half feet tall"?

Sprechen Sie Antarctic?

Ya caught that one, eh, MtB? I merely re-read it, shook my head, and moved on ... 'snow use ... the barbarians have overrun the gates ...

Were they really allowed to use their cell phones at 30000ft just to take pictures (or so they said)?

I would have thought Penguins would have flown USAirways, seeing as how they are the ones with a hub in Pittsburgh.


HA! I thought the same thing! Penguins always traveled around in pairs!

Sister Margaret could float up the isles and smack you before you could think twice.

Oh, and we are both going to hell for thinking that.

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