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March 11, 2012


Woman discovers her husband's second wife on Facebook

(Thanks to many people)


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But did she 'friend' her?

nursecindy wants to know.

Facebook: the greatest law enforcement tool and spy since Tom Cruise.

The Onion published this article about Facebook, tounge in cheek. Many people though it was a scoop, not satire.

Moral of this phenomenon?

Not everythin' should be put on yer FB wall ... it's amazin' how many people have yet to figure that out ...

I doubt she friended her Jeff. But I have a feeling she gave him a 'poke' that left bruises.


You'd think one wife would be lesson enough.

Faulk changed his last name to O'Neill for unknown reasons, and married his second wife a few weeks later.

once a faulk, always a faulk

Cool. The gals can play " Words with Cuckolded Spouses " and " Adulteryville " now.

lemme get this straight:

if he was a Faulk when he married his 1st wife, then she's probly still a Faulk...

then when she found out about wife #2:
"Upon making this discovery, his first wife confronted O'Neill who begged her not to tell authorities but she did not listen..."

- he couldn't shut the Faulk up?

Din't he win the Pullet Surprise three times?

Y'know ... that guy who wuz ... Faulkner ...

Bigamy is its own punishment.

He's got two couches to sleep on.

Isn't that something

"Hey, I married two women. That's pretty generous. I mean, wasn't that bigamy?"

He should start his own social media site: TwoFaceBook.

"According to court documents, he moved out of the home with his wife in 2009; however, neither he nor his wife filed for divorce."

They moved out together? What am I not getting here?

Faulking idjits.

snork @ MEANIE!

D is for the Distrust I sowed.
I is for the InFantile brain I used,
V is for the VERY VERY extraordinary pain I caused
O is for the Online cheating the internet enabled
R is for my ROVING eyes
C is for the Checks I haven't write--no, you can't make me...
E is for the Excrement (well you finish my sentence)

Put it all together and you spell DIVORVE
and you'll probably yell at me till you're hoarse..
But lawyers love to intervene as it means to them lotsa green..

Lyrics done, need a snappy tune....

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