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March 09, 2012


Shed of the Year 2012 entrants

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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Number 4 should win because it has this as one of its goals: "It does no worse than create entertainment plus a little indignity to marauding squirrels and wood pigeon."

Cute/neat/nice ... but a bit of typically inflated British ego on the one where the owner claims that Brits invented "everything worthwhile" ... yeah, right ... after they stole it from the Irish and claimed it as "their own idea" ...

I kind of like shed #5 because they are having more fun with their shed however #6 has it's possibilities if they were fishing instead of just sitting in the beautiful day and decorated their shed into fishing ideas.

I hope #15 is well supervised. I could see "visitors" mistaking it for a set of porta-potties.

I only made it through 3. I was afraid Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood were going to pop out at me.

#4, 5, and 12 are my favorites. Although I admit to a fondness for the Tardis, it's just too small (on the outside).

But it's bigger on the inside than the outside, Dd ... that Brit ingenuity, y'know ...

When they saw Shed of the Year did anyone besides me think they were going to see deer antlers?

Wondered about it, wing' ... but when I saw the Brit influence, doubted it'd happen ... (our shed has one set on display, and our garage has two ... merely sayin' ...)

You wanna see something shed? Gimme about three six-packs and in about two hours you'll...
What? Wrong shed?

It's Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson!

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