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March 22, 2012


Man Gets Ticket For Yelling At Cat

Good enough for us: His defense to officers was that he is “human.”

(Thanks to Dan S., Jeff Meyerson and Ranald Adams, whose email ends: "Sent from my iPhone 5 prototype, which I found in a bar.") 


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Get a rope!

furball abuse?

If you're mean to a cat they will never forget. If they upset this fella that much he shouldn't have a cat. Never heard of giving a person a ticket for yelling at a cat though.

"Officer, you misunderstand. I wasn't saying he was a d@mned pu$$y...I was saying I wanted some...I'm only human. "

Goodness knows I get aggravated with my cat. She's loving and beautiful, but she p!$$es in the corner sometimes (not her litterbox) and thinks all food belongs to her once your back is turned. Since it's pointless, I don't, however, yell at her. Usually.

He wouldn't have gotten a ticket fer yellin' if he'd've merely had a little "Cat Trap" in the back yard ...

Y'know ...




What a cat-astrophe.

Man I would be in federal prison for how I yell at my dogs. Of course, they just ignore me.

Me YELLING: "Damit (that's what my dog's answer to now), you ate the sofa cushion."

Them: "What is she yelling about? Let's go pee on that big fluffy carpet."

I'd've thought yelling at a cat would earn a Nobel Prize instead of a ticket.

Well, just thank God I don't live in Minn.

Amen, Cheese' ... we hasta visit there once in a while, but crossin' the Red River is perty much a huge NO! NO! in our lexicon ...

As trainers say, you can get a cat to do whatever it wants to do. Yelling is of no use.

Yelling at a cat is the new spitting into the wind.

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