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March 12, 2012


Now they're using gophers.

(Thanks to Michael in Minnesota)


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I have been warning you people about Minnesota gophers for YEARS, but did you listen?!? Overfed squirrels with a tail bob, clearly full of evil intent.

Perhaps you'll listen to me now, and the great Hoosier uprising will be stifled.

Gophers With a Lot of Gas wbagnfarb

License to kill gophers by the government of the United Nations. Man, free to kill gophers at will. To kill, you must know your enemy, and in this case my enemy is a varmint. And a varmint will never quit - ever. They're like the Viet Cong - Varmint Cong. So you have to fall back on superior intelligence and superior firepower. And that's all she wrote.
- C. Spackler

Minnesota Gophers?

Must've been a hockey player ... merely sayin' ...

At least it was an UPDATED gopher.

Correct me if I'm wrong fivver, but if I kill all the golfers, they're gonna lock me up and throw away the key.

They have now updated this story TWICE.

That tells you more about the excitement level in Minnesota than my feeble sarcasm could ever do.

Great dialect story ... "Waal, it was bettern' chewin' a gas pipe in Coon Rapids, if'n y'all know what Ah mean."

Gopher-Chew Gas Leak WBAGNFARB

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