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March 08, 2012


Punk Band Charged in Cathedral Concert

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Them wacky Idahoans! Tryin' to use baklava as a disguise!

They sang "holy **it'? I think Batman and Robin have that copyrighted.

Hooliganisms aside, there was politic correctness at play. They were charged with religious hatred, and
public disorder? When in Russia, there are not soapboxes.

On the other hand, Virgin records offered them a contract.


Their next number will be "Highway To Hell".

Do they have any Spinal Tap covers?

Goats called the cops.

I was never prouder than the day our congregation's youth band played "Sympathy For The Devil" at the altar during a fundraiser.

Pussy Riot WBAGNFA...wait, nevermind.

I have heard "music" in church that, really, should be considered criminal.

But, I was not aware that it is a crime to simply play music, outside of a scheduled service.

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