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March 07, 2012


Twitter outrage over 'sexist' washing label


(Thanks to jan in Grimsby)




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A sharp panga would be the least of his worries.

Somebody's in hot water.

- hang 'im out to dry

Laundry is anybodies job. Whomever should take the initiative to throw it in the washer. The label should read "Launder with care"

Send Him To (Get) Washing Done.

i'm not that easily aggitated

Are they trying to deter gents from doing household chores?

I don't get it. All labels should be so helpful.

can we say pant-load?

There should be a shirt for whomever dreamt up this product line:


Women just naturally know these things. Men need detailed instructions.

Well, the brand is Madhouse, apparently, so the shirt OtU is proposing should probably be one of those nice white canvas ones with the really long sleeves that tie in the back.

Then it can say pretty much whatever ... won't matter.

Was Madhouse connected to the student riots in UK last year? IT would seem the press got the story wrong...

I believe the label has done what it was meant to-gather attention.
For the record, my wife does our laundry, usually, and I am in charge of all cooking, doing the dishes, virtually anything in the kitchen.
And I'm pretty good at it, too.
As is she, at laundry.

Side warning: Do NOT scroll far enough down that page so you can see the "Parasite Ate My Face" story and associated picture. Bleah. Urk. You have been warned.

Definitely the long-sleeved style, Omni' ...

Steve ... I'm good @ neither ... but can survive in either arena, if necessary ... I'm versatile, but not very accomplished ... (y'all could carve that on my headstone ... except I won't have one ...)

After I washed it I would ask him to put them on so I could iron them.

n'cin' ... din't yer iron have that cautionary label? The one that sez "Do not iron clothes on body!" ? ? ?

I do the laundry in my house. I have done it for years. My wife points out the special instructions for every new thing she buys. She does not know that I wash everything on the same setting. I separate whites and coloreds, but other than that everything is washed the same--silks, knits, everything--warm, heavy setting. Never had a complaint.

and make me a sandwitch while your at it.

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