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March 22, 2012


Sculptor Stuart Murdoch has built what he hopes will be confirmed as the world's largest deckchair.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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But ... it's not on a "deck" ... unless ... it wuz fotoshopped?

I'm guessing he's single, ladies.

We're going to need a bigger bucket and spade.

And a LOT more sunscreen!

Could this "sculptor" be the same person who convinced an "art museum" to pay really big bucks to fund the digging of a big trench and the transportation of a huge boulder to be placed over the trench?

I think it is called "Big Rock on a Trench".

how you gets up there??

I, for one, welcome our giant lifeguard overlords!

That's positively Titanic!

It would be a lot more impressive if those were the World's Smallest People.

Edith Ann?

*all aboard the geezer bus*

Still not big enough for my Mother-in-law's butt.

Honey, does this deck chair make my butt look big?

one of my ex wives could have filled that chair. I am still scared of her

Layzeeboy beat me to it.

Awesome chair. I would love to sit on it at the beach.

Rearranging that deck chair is not insignificant. It would have capsized the Titanic alone.

20 years ago, on a boat navigating through freezing fog and icebergs at 80 degrees North latitude, my Berlitz phrasebook was helpfully giving me the Norwegian translation of "I want to rent a deckchair." I never knew then that they came walrus-sized.

It was meant to be a traveling exhibition until Limbaugh sat in it.
Now they can't move it.

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