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March 18, 2012


Scientist seeks deposits for elephant sperm bank

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Frozen for later use.

And you thought the bull sperm collection job was sh!**y. Wonder how big that probe is?

Oddly (in)appropriate YouTube link.

Oddly enough, my CAPTCHA-thing was "69wvva".

Clearly, something is going on between West Virginia and Virginia.

Well, you know what is gray and comes in quarts......

Yeah Loudmouth, but don't forget: bit tips.

They do offer a free toaster with the first deposit, though.

How do you make an elephant smile?

I dunno, but maybe this does:This happens to trigger a muscle contraction that causes the elephant’s 1.5 metre long penis to retract into its cavity. This, according to the elephant insemination experts, takes some teasing out.

Seems like moving them around to other zoos to mate would be less trouble. They don't even have to pack a trunk.

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