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March 08, 2012


As if layoffs, demotions, and fighting rising crime were not enough for the city’s police force, Trenton’s finest are running very low on toilet paper...

(Thanks to Barbara A)


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All together now:

The detectives have nothing to go on

No tp, they'll have to break out the catalog.

When they're up for re-election, how will these politicians wipe that slate clean?

Dey soitinly has a lotta problems in Joisey, don' dey?


McBride was quoted as saying the council wants us to use lawyer's briefs....

And by the way, bring your own damn cups and get off my lawn!!!

Call out the penis splint crew! Sum of these "public servants" seem to have stepped on their (ahem) "family unit" ...

Who needs bullet proof vests? They need Costco.

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