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March 31, 2012


"I can't stand them after one once flew in through my bathroom window and went for me while I was having a wee.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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The robins are weird around here these days. They keep pooping everywhere. Usually that is blackbirds. Pigeons are also good for pooping everywhere.

Get the flock out of here!

Coo coo.

Actually, a little pigeon poop might improve his hair do....

it's a pigeon coup

Wait, I though he meant birds, as in the brit reference to females.

Reminds me of the Christopher Cross song about weaseling out on his impending marriage.

Indoors would be a good place for him to stay ... or he could be veddy British, and carry an umbrella every where he goes ...

If we're supposed to know Niall or whatever his name is, we don't.

Nor do we care.

Have at him, pigeons.

Heh heh heh.....!

I have a fear of phobias, but I'm afraid to talk about it.

Phobophobia? Incurable, I fear......

Hitchcock wouldn't let pigeons into "The Birds" , so they had to terrorize someone. The only scary thing about air rats is they might beg you to death.

I'm with Jeff. Bombs away!

"The symptoms include palpitations, breathlessness, dizziness, feeling sick, excess sweating, dry throat and — in extreme cases — farting."

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