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March 08, 2012


Fake parking permit scam foiled when Hoboken man misspelled 'parking'

(Thanks to Barbara A)


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He was charged with two counts of forgery and one count of not using spellcheck. Err, spell check. Whatever.

What was Madea doing in Hoboken?!

but but but but but ... ain't dat da way dey spel it in Joisey?

In Hoboken it's "pahking", right?...

I fear for the future of our crimanils, kreminals,krim crooks.

In prison, on the prison computer, he
forged "Gunver's Pardton" so he thought he'd be
releashed freed.

Alas, poor Gunver ... I knew him, Horasheoo ... Horatteo ... um ... Harvey?

And all this to avoid a parkting icket.

The presumption of governmental document typographic accuracy, involved in this case, is highly questionable and the subject of an ACLU (Americans Concerned for Legal Unliterateness) suit.

If there was one "parkting" permit how did they get him on two counts of forgery? And he was forging a "parkting" permit?

Goats were staring at the car, a dead giveaway.

Nabbed By A Typo (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane
A man may end up in a cell
Cuz his parking permit had a tell:
There was one extra letter
In “parking.” It’s better
When forging to learn how to spell.
Nabbed By A Typo

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