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March 05, 2012


A south Texas wedding reception erupted into a massive brawl that ended with one man shot through the hand and five others headed to jail.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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And this is worth reporting in the paper? Might as well write about death and taxes...

a Battle at the Appomattox Club? i would expect nothing less

Why would any self respecting Confederate name a club after the place where they gave up?

Look on the bright side...the bride and groom weren't arrested, or shot.

but, jeff, they were related.


hold my beer and watch this.


"Shot through the hand, and you're to blame! You give love a bad name!"

*snork* @ will

'Thinking the gun was not loaded.........' a guest who chose to 'do the hokey pokey' soon regretted putting his rigt hand 'in'...

No fotos? No blood?

Whut the heck has happened to "journalism" in TX?

The guiding principle is, "If it bleeds, it leads!"

This "item" prolly ran on page 64 of the weekly new rag ... or the society section ...

Well that sounds about right for a deep south wedding.
I fail to see the 'news' in this. Thought they did not say momma was in jail and bubba fell in the kiddy pool.

This had to have been on a Saturday night. In Texas, it ain't Saturday if someone ain't shoot'en something.

Here in the south we call that a good time.

Only the NYT would call Beaumont "South Texas." I used to live in the actual South Texas, 5 hours south of Beaumont. Very different place from Beaumont. Argh.

Well, that's wedding they will never forget.

Unless, of course, they try to Out-brawl it if and when they ever get die-vorced.

funny man it's pronounced deevorced.

Beaumont is in east Texas; in South Texas more people would have gone to the hospital.

Beaumont is a bit more than half way to hell. A cousin worked for a judge there after he (the cousin) got out of law school.


The bright side WOULD have been the bride and groom were arrested AND shot.

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