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March 25, 2012


Hunky Norwegians have sex with city landmarks

WARNING: Naked Norwegians having sex with landmarks.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Why the warning: Isn't it GOOD Norwegian wood?

When I think of having sex with a city landmark, it's usually more in the way of Angelyne in Los Angeles.

FYI, Horace's dream girl. Did they say they were 'hunky' or 'chunky'?

Angelyne has been a L.A. destination for like 30 years. She's most famous for the billboards that she had of herself, but she was featured prominently in the opening credits of "Remington Steele."

I guess it's OK to walk up to a building in Norway and ask, "Do you come here often?"

They could come here and hump congress. We get screwed by them and don't even get our pics in the paper.

What was Joe looking for when he found this? I mean, I could understand Judi or Annie or Siouxie finding it....

Well at least they have the good taste to ... um ... "use" ... famous landmarks ... I mean ... that's better than if they'd merely go jump on any old lump of dirt ... right? Really? Isn't it?

(And sum folks useta wonder how/why the original Norwegian jokes came into being ... )

They can have my landmark when they pry it from my cold, dead......uh.....nevermind.

Literally: WTF?

We're all supposed to love our cities, but, still, eww!

Is this what happens when you don't have regular access to the internet?

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