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March 01, 2012


Cow Brain Paste on Testicles?

(Thanks to Gregg in Austin)


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May I second that?

Hell, no.

Though soothing and healthy for testicles, it's inappropriate to use cow brain paste for anything other than its primary function, which is, of course, brushing cow brains.

I beg to differ with the adjective "sustainable".


Mrs. Inoue? Yes, this is Deputy Chang. We have your boy down here at the station on a squirting-cow-brains charge ...

This is story is simply offal ...

(and the "reporter" misused that werd ... so he's also offal ... )

Since I haven't eaten breakfast yet I'm going to wait to read that story. Maybe sometime in 2040.

Prolly don't wanna go back to yesterday's threads either, n'cin' ... major spamminator outbreak back there ... din't the blog useta have a cleanup feature to eliminate that crapola?

I think I'll just send this guy my garbage cans and save the money on the disposal fee.
And "palate-cleansing"?
Is that what we in my childhood called "hawkin' up a goober"?

Perty much, Steve ... except they prolly ingest the ... um ... "product" ... rather than expectorate it ...

Mark my words, Takashi, if still here, will be the first "restaurant" to serve the Japanese Feces "burger" we read about on this blog earlier.

And they will charge "elite" New Yorkers Between $46 and $142.88 a serving...

Because them Big Apple bigwigs will swallow anything..

Ever had a plate of chittlin's in the south, funny man? It is the one southern delicacy that I refuse to eat, look at, or be around when it is cooking. I know it's spelled 'chitterlings' but I spelled it like we pronounce it here.

EVERYONE knows you never put cow brain on testicles.
The testicles go "on" the cow brain....

What happened to variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease?

Don't have a cow, man.

Well, Elon, isn't it obvious? The victims are the ones eating this stuff.
Wonder if anyone ever stops and yells, "BRAIIINS!"
Before they're kicked out, I mean.

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