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March 31, 2012


Male gators attracted to tuba's B flat

(Thanks to The Perts)


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they'd b flat if they'd be runned over by a car

B Flat? Is this in protest of National Cleavage Day?

And don't EVER splash around in the water, yelling, "Help, I'm a cured ham."
They love that.

"Star tuba player"? Like, with groupies and fan mobs and rehab stints and such?

But how do they feel about bagpipes?

How ironic that a B-flat would cause a gator boner.
--one of the last things Paul Harevey said?

A bit odd ... I'd think that with them teeth they've got, gators would be more interested in "B-Sharp" ...

When Kenny G plays, they shoot themselves.

Gatorland .. where Sarah, Aidan, and J.D. hid out in Bridge to Neverland before going to Disney World.

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