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March 23, 2012


Snowman stops passenger train traveling from Moscow

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"... adolescent offenders promised not to do anything like this ever again"

a line that transfers across many cultures and many languages that in reality means I Won't Do It Again While You Are Watching.


They decided to repeat their "experiment" the next day, but instead of snow sculptures they put tree branches and wooden sticks on the tracks...."

...after which, law enforcement repeated the experiment a third time by seeing what would happen if a train struck two boys, ages 10 and 11, at high speed.

Problem solved.

We used to put pennies on the train tracks so that after the train had passed, it looks like Lincoln's been hitting acid.
We were also told that a train hitting a penny could derail but we were never able to get that to happen.
Bad to the bone.

Exactly, Meanie.

Either that or terrorists.

We used to lay steel hay-bale strapping bands across the the pair of rails where tracks diverged/merged. When the train crossed, the edge of the wheeel would drive the band down into the crack between the rails, bending it and snapping the upper edges. The resulting deeply bent "V" of thin metal made a dandy whistle!

Best part: you could produce a piercing whistle, then hide the devide in your cheek and smile innocently at the teacher/preacher/cop/coach whose lecture had been interrupted...

The rest of the story?

The boys will be groomed to become top Russian military generals and advisors, because anyone who can stop Russian train in its tracks is destine for
Klondike Falls CCCP greatness!

f' man ... I wuz kinda thinkin' along those lines when it said " ... not to do anything like this ever again ..."

If they do, they'll prolly get sent to Siberia ...

Oh ... wait ...

Snowman stops train. Doesn't have the balls to do it again.

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