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March 28, 2012


Trapped basset hound calls police

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"He's not usually very smart," she said. "He's really dopey and just likes to chew socks."

So, typical dog then.

I prayed that the dog's name was Timmy

Fate favors idiots.
This explains politics.

Did the police look first in the well?

Good thing there wuzn't a pool of quicksand in the living room, eh?

(Our Basset could never handle those teensy number buttons on our phones ... that's why we only gave him an iPod ... he seems to prefer Elvis' "Hound Dog" ...)

Heavy breathing?

Boy, this story has everything..



Trapped basset hound -- all together now, WBAG...

Dogs are not good with phones, unlike elephants.

Cute, Ralph ... but I once had a perty smart dog ... I wuz shinglin' the house, and the ladder fell down, and after he saw whut'd happened, he went into the house, (somehow) managed to get the phone off the hook and dial "O" and he kept sayin' "ROOF! ROOF! ROOF!" ...

Those terrorist bassets!

OMG! ANOTHER "HAR!" @ an MTB comment!

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