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March 13, 2012


Harter, who was stopped by police after being spotted swerving and speeding, "bolted" toward the edge of the crossover and jumped into the rough, 60-degree waters immediately after being asked to perform field sobriety tests, the newspaper reports.

(Thanks to Karen in Panama City)


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Intriguing quote: "He's a lot better off than being crabmeat,"

Nah ... should've let him be crab meat ...

These "field sobriety tests" are gettin' tuffer, merely observin' here ...

There's no charge for pollution?

His eighth drunken driving arrest? WTFBBQ? Isn't it about time to throw away the key?

Anyway, maybe he thought that running across and jumping in the water was the field sobriety test.

Maybe he thought there was a bar down there?

Here in N.C. if you get 3 DUI's they take away your keys AND your car! Not that you'll need it since you'll be in jail anyway. Sounds like they should have done this with him about 5 DUI's ago. I have no patience with drunk drivers. I've seen too many of their victims in the emergency room and I've sent too many to the morgue.

My cousin was knocked into a coma by a stoplight running drunk driver. It took him a year to recover. I'm with Cindy.

Trooper on radio, "Yeah, we got a guy with seven DUI's who just jumped in the water.
We need rescue out here.
Nope, no need to hurry."

Amen, cindy. I think after the first conviction you take away the car. If he does it again, throw away the key.

I agree with Cindy.

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