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March 19, 2012


Officer suspended after being caught having sex in his squad car while on duty (and it was broadcast over police radio)

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Well, the good news...it didn't happen in Miami, right Dave?

He was just searching for concealed weapons.

Cavity search.

The proper procedure would have been to flip the dashboard camera around so the, ummm, citizen encounter was properly documented.

1. In
2. Out
3. Repeat

He couldn't follow that?


Cop Cops, Bops, Pops. Reviews Not Tops. Job Stops.

Sounds like a 10-30 to me.

Sheesh! Get a motel room like everyone else!

(he could have taken a very long bathroom break,
as I've seen the officers do on Adam-12 reruns.)

But he had the right to remain silent.

"...can and will be held against you..."

They have a procedure for that?

I can see the reminder memo going out for that now:

"All Officers are reminded to turn OFF their radios prior to engaging in sexual activity while on duty."

I wonder if this is covered in the recent Health & Human Services Mandates?

The Sergeant is one of the better-lookin' ones I've ever seen ... merely sayin' ...

OtU, are you one of those "something about a man in uniform" types?

Yeah, pad' ... especially if she's a woman ...

(Y'know ... the handcuffs, gun, "nightstick" ... all that sorta imagery that connotes ... um ... nevermind ...)

Apparently duty wasn't the only thing he was relieved of

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