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March 08, 2012


...we call this parallel parking.


(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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He must've practiced fer this by watchin' Jason Statham movies, eh?

Soon to be a scene in a Jackie Chan movie....

Eurospeak, again! I thought a Lorry was a bus. But if this story is brit-speak or euro-speak "correct", a lorry can be any kind of a truck?

Who knew? I wish the could speak and write American, like most of us bloggers. Or come up with a standardized English for all alleged English-speakers
to speak....???

I guess if "lorry" was only a bus, the headline would have been "Bus Catches Bus"....

I thot Lorry wuz that gal that fell in love with Curly, and almost got hurt by Jud Fry ...

Dang ... learn sumthin' every day ...

A lorry is a truck. Buses are buses or in the case of an upper class ponce speaking, a charabanc.

But more to the point, if this picture is accurate and statistically representative, China looks like West Virginia. Who knew?

The driver was so scared his name changed from Yu to Wu.
And the bus careered over the side; that's a tough job.

I don't see a problem.

It "careered"? You can make a job out of this??

In China, you don't parallel park the car, the car parallel parks you!

"Career" or "Careered" is a rather archaic form of word that describes the concept of moving at a high rate of speed, with disregard for safety and stability.

A "reporter" using this term might be assumed to labor under the influence of British language training.

Other use of the word is mostly limited to crossword puzzles of a fairly high degree of sophistication and/or difficulty.

/end pedantic mode ... for now ...

So the careening car careered off a cliff in China and was caught? Cool.

I shudder at the thought of driving WV roads without guard rails present. If that were WV, Omni, that lorry would have been a coal truck with a long line of cars behind him trying futilely to get around him. He most likely would have been driving on the right side of the road, if by chance his amphetamines hadn't worn off and he was still awake.

And for my next trick...

So, Joe in Japan got this story from China via a news website that has Romania covered, while Dave relates it to Miami, and bloggers (not including IndianaGirl, though) relate it to West Virginia.

Why am I confused, again?

MtB ... why should today be any different? I'm always confused around here ... witness to that fact is the general non sequiturialness of my posts ...

I wonder what would have happened if the lorry driver had said, "Truck Yu!" to bus driver.

If he had, would the bus driver have been less thankful and more Truck-Yu-Lin(t)?

Ah, the Internet -- international force for confusion, nonsequitoriality, and general mischief.

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