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March 15, 2012


Study: Thinking too much hinders driving

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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What do you expect when you study drivers at MIT? It's hard to make the chalk work on the dashboard.

Stay Alive, Don’t Think and Drive

Not a problem in Florida or Texas.

Thanks for clearing that up. Drivers here in NJ are constantly signalling the number 1 to each other. Now I understand that it's all a part of this experiment.


They're probably all worried about the "wild dogs of Flathead County". This will affect my driving.

i think, therefore i RAM

Snork@Betsy. They're probably all worried about buying a new pocket protector too.

trying to remember where they put the slide rule?

You can just program your BMW to shout " Kein Denken! " every five minutes.

I've discovered the basic cause to dangerous driving.
After you've driven for four or five years, driving is boring. People tend to doze off if they're not distracted by SOMETHING. ANYTHING. The radio, a phone call, texting, thinking of that sexy babe who just started work with the company an might well be interested in a married account manager twenty years her senior.
Then, of course, they're DISTRACTED DRIVERS.
Now that I've done the work, gimme my grant!

I get distracted in rental cars when I try to figure out how to set the cruise control so I don't have to think about driving.

If we combine this study with yesterday's study that women dull men's brains, then we see the only solution is to have ladies stand every few miles down the highway holding helpful road signs. Then we just have to get the women to stop thinking.

To combat this syndrome, my town just rearranges the traffic lanes and closes random streets periodically, so that you don't get too smug. It's actually quite similar to an early first-person-shooter video game, except the goal is NOT to kill the various targets that sprint, peddle, and motor their way across your screen.

"... pedal ..." I meant, not "peddle." Jeez. More coffee.

Dozing off is preferred.

Lexington KY has constructed what they call a "double crossover" on one of the roads leading South.
What it means is that suddenly, you're driving on the left with oncoming traffic passing you on the right.
I don't know about safety but it will wake you up.

they have one of those double crossovers in Kansas City where Front Street crosses the eastern side of
I-435. Both lanes are routed to the other side, so suddenly it seems as if you are on the wrong side of the road. However, as there are double lights on each side of where 435 crosses over, if you follow the lights and/or traffic you will be alright.

But it does seem strange they spent a lot o money and
time to do this. I am unaware if there were more accidents before or if this led to a reduction in accidents, but it does capture one's attention!

Well, clearly Florida has some of the most introspective people on Earth. You'd think we could think our way out of these insurance rates while we're causing all these accidents!

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