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March 07, 2012


Parents Forget Child, 3, at Chuck E Cheese, Find Out on Evening News

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I can actually understand an impulse to abandon CEC. But wouldn't you kind of want to rescue your kids, too?

*Hears crickets*

OK, then.....

Hey, I have heard something similar to that happening before. How tragic that must of been for the 3 year old. Dizzy parents.

Harmony will remind her parents about the incident for at least eleven years if my daughter is a guide.

Hey, Mary and Joseph did the same thing with Jesus. Except they left Him at the temple and not CEC.


Post got put on the dog/spiderweb thread ... rotten keyboard design! Mac has a much more user-friendly layout.

Oh, it happens. A friend's father drove off in the family van, inadvertently leaving mom at a gas station without purse, phone, money ... with nothing. Twice!

And somehow, he still lives.

dudes! easy to leave your kids somewhere..... right? were we going somewhere?

Omniskeptic, do you know Dave's story about his brother and sister-in-law and their trip to Charleston?

I never went missing but I do remember the time I ran away from home because my father made me eat banana ice cream. He thought I was just being stubborn for some reason when I refused. I dislike even a mild whiff of a banana.
I returned an hour or so later because I remembered we were supposed to go fishing that afternoon.
Recently, my older sister told me that my parents knew I'd run away but decided to let me get it out of my system.
I think they handled it well. Except for that whole banana ice cream stuff.

Bananas, eh?

Fer one of my daughters, it'd've been tomatoes ...

NO! NOT on ice cream! Whut? Y'all think we're depraved?

Hey, you know, the kids get up in them gerbil tunnels they got up in Chuck E Cheese's and they don't wanna come out, and you got places to go...

I think, if I recall, CEC serves adults alcohol. hey they have to have something to placate the parents, and these parents were...well, placated very well.

From the way the article was written, the parents do
not live together is to be inferred. Whoever was supposed to have custody really takes the responsibility well (not)!

Again, parents may need to be trained and licensed.
It might help out a lot.

Fortunately they all did remember to bring their iPhones home.

My parents called roll everytime we all got in the car to go somewhere. (With 11 kids, it was a necessity.) I got left one time, but since I'm the oldest, my name's always called first, and they were back in two minutes to get me. I didn't worry--I knew they'd come!

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