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March 22, 2012


Cannabis vending machine opens in New Zealand

(Thanks to Andrew Simmons)


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I'll bet that it's a big hit but if it's illegal to use in New Zealand than why is there a vending machine!

$20 NZ ... that's roughly about the same in USD ... nope ... I'd sooner drink Guinness ... doesn't show up on the random drug testing for as long a time ...

Jesus will forthwith appear, and they'll call it the Holy Smoke Machine.

*Polevaults right over the handbasket directly into hell*

Hey Dave,

Damnit! I came looking for your live blogging of Touch.

Kiefer's contrived and pretentious new drama is just screaming for snide and witty commentary! The pilot even had a "Dammit!," a ticking clock and terrorists!

Hey, remember when people would smoke pot or drop acid and go to see 2001 A Space Odyssey?
I don't either.

Marijuana is illegal in NZ? Noooooo!!!!

I thought so too, about Touch, but was over ruled.
But if the public demands it...maybe?

Keifer: "You can tell me, son, I love you."
Boy points to crayon drawing of restroom.
Keifer: "So CTU headquarters is in danger? Or are you channeling Edgar?"

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