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March 13, 2012


Just, ew.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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And you wonder why his voice was horse...

Tastes like chicken a milkshake?

I'll take his word for it ...

At least they weren't drinking it straight from the tap.

Don't try this at home,kids. Unless you live on a
horse farm...and beware possible dietary changes...

Of course, you will get sudden strange urges to eat
grass hay, and lick sugar cubes....

and your friends might notice you look more like a
jackass horse...

Forelock play anyone?

Key name: "mayor of Hokitika, Maureen Pugh"


Here. Help yourself.

Dan S. beat me to it. Straight from the horse's...

In the words of the late great Dean Vernon Wormer (say it with me), "fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."


who thinkks of this stuff?

criminey. I should know by now that if Dave thinks "Ew" that I should not not not look anyway!

I'll see your "Ew" and raise you my lunch. *vomit*

Do we know whether "stallion protein" can do calculus as well as the human variety? Maybe the consumers thought it would make them smarter.

I see your EW and raise you a GACK!

Judging from the comments here I think I'll skip this story. However, yuck!

EXCELLent decision, n'cin' ... merely sayin' ...

Cindy, any comments on possible horse STDs?

Dan: Couldn't make them any dumber.

Hoof and mouth disease Elon? If you drink something like this, get sick, and then go to the emergency room chances are you'll be kept overnight for observation in the loony bin.

looks like he got more than a bit in his mouth

not the Galloping Gourmet I remember

*heads for geezer bus, w/ a glass of wine, of course - I'M not drivin'!*

HEY! No booze on the bus!

Unless, of course, y'all *hic* share with the driver ...

I think I saw Equestrian Smoothie open for Strawberry Alarm Clock....

He got it straight from the horse's mouth.

Wonder if he will be running in the Breeders Cup?

wasn't he drinking the Breeder's Cup er Brew?

Totally O/T ... but if I put this on the "proper" thread, nobuddy'd see it ...

Marily Hagerty, of the infamous "rave review of Olive Garden" wuz on the Today show today ... dunno if any of y'all saw it ... whutever ...

end O/T ...

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