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March 06, 2012


If you wanted to register for one of the free tours of the Hanford nuclear reservation this year, you're too late.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts


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wow, the crowds have really mushroomed

(....and NO that is NOT an asian slur........)

Looks like business is booming.

The tours are a hot item.

Many folks gave the tour glowing reviews.

I seem to recall that one of the plants was making sure that some varmints were killed after being irratiated. I sort of hoped there would be a movie deal.

Interesting that the report appeared on KREM.

There's still a ray of hope that they'll offer more tours.

Tourists 'away' message: Gone Fission'

Guess I'll have to book those 25 extra X-rays to meet my annual radiation dosing.

Good catch, ferj. Never knew there was a unit called kilorems.

It's a five-hour tour.

With my luck, the weather would start getting rough when I went. There'd be a millionaire and his wife, a movie star, a professor and some hot girl name Mary Ann.

And somehow we'd all end up being stranded in the reactor, living in huts we built from the local vegetation and having hilarious, 30-minute adventures each week.

no charge?

*wants what Schadeboy is smoking*

for some reason, this article just lit me up.

interesting, Schadeboy,
but a show like that would probly only have a half-life

Man, I heard the tours were the bomb. I saw the faces of the guys who went last year, and they were just glowing with praise and radiating joy.

Story mentions "stable glass logs" ... (not really very easy to say that three times fast, eh?) ... So ... I'm gonna guess that "glass logs" is a good thing? And "stable" is better than "non-stable" ... ?

I guess I'll have to go with my second choice. A complete tour of Dave Barry Lift Station No. 16.

Schadeboy --
The show would bring a new meaning to the term "Vast Wasteland"

♫ 'We Won't Get Fueled Again...'

I hate to be critical, but this goes against my core values.

*and snork @ ligirl*

I understand if you slip the guide $100, he'll let you skinny-dip in the water tanks.

'glowing reviews' Har!

Kids also can pull the rods....


This was just a test run. THey want to see the fallout from it, before they open up.

O the U, they're only stable till you drop one.

The fuel pool is nice and warm, if anyone's interested.

Just one thing... Did Gary Busey ever take this tour ?

Guess the popularity means that it's self-sustaining

Sorry, the tours are now shut down. A virtual tour is, however, available online.

*awaits public reaction*
*beta not gamma hopes too high*

Darn it MtB, you stole my joke!

Now I need a new infusion of humor.

"All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk." - Ronald Reagan

Hey, P'B' ... THAT'S FUNNY!!!

Alpha give you for using "darn," instead of "dam", PB - I left the nuclear power world for hydropower many years ago.

...the rods...

I think Chloe has them now ..... ?

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