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March 06, 2012


Police: Man Cut Through Wall To Avoid Bar Tab

(Thanks to Guin and WriterDude)


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A folding pocket knife? Heck, if he'd've had a "multi-tool" he could've used it to saw thru the bars ... roll the toilet paper out the window ... slide down the roll, and have an escape ...

Fool, who goes to a bar and forgets their hacksaw and bolt cutters?

Also thanks to Clay Steiner :)

AKA WriterDude. (Thanks for the thanks, Guin. Way to beat the "filter". :-D)

Also: I haven't been this proud to be a Coloradan since the dipstick who got his hind end glued to a Home Depot toilet seat.

WTG, WD & Guin!

That's why I allus carry a bottle of acetone when I go to a bar, WD ...

Fer the toilet seat! I've allus got a "multi-tool" or three on my belt for the patio fence ...

Man walks out of a bar. The bartender asks him "Why the wrong space?"

*snork* @ WriterDude and Guin ! Yay for getting through the "filter" !! ;-)

I am NEVER shopping @ office depot AGAIN ! That damned pop up is FREAKIN' ANNOYING !!!!!!

What are these "pop-ups" you speak of? Firefox with Adblock Plus makes those pesky things go away faster than a can of Raid.

Guin, I use Firefox and Adblock, but I guess I'm a clumsy mouser. It was on the top, but now it's moved to the side. GRRRRR.

? I never get ANY ads. Ever. I am looking at this whole blog page and there is no advertising anywhere.

Telecom, you have to pay extra for the no ad "premium" version of the blog.

Well, what's a guy to do when he goes into the men's room in the bar and there's no window? I'm reporting this bar to OSHA for having insufficient emergency exits.

Go on, and don't let the sheetrock hit you on the way out!

Was alcohol involved?

Oh, wait......

Snork@Meanie. Both times.

Thanks Guin and WVplantman ! This is my work computer, so I'll tell my boss we absolutely have to have this new protection for all three computers.
He knows nothing about computers and is beyond paranoid about all the horror stories he hears about hackers and phishers and stuff. This should be easy.

Tell your boss the Big Asteroid Bears will hack into your systems and post pictures of him, naked, stomping on a car in Wagga Wagga if he doesn't upgrade. Then show him some samples.

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