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March 07, 2012


A Qingdao woman aroused the collective nausea of the country on Sunday when she cracked open a store-bought egg and discovered what appeared to be a bloody mess lurking inside. As the story spread, reporters seeking an explanation consulted with the manufacturer, who are claiming it is due to the mother hen menstruating.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The hen who had her periond & laid an egg left a punctueggtion mark.

OK I am offically creeped out, Part Deux

Get ova it.

The manufacturer is ovaryacting.

Chickens got uteri?

Hu nu?

O the U - does that mean they can get preggnant?

I saw The Menstruating Hens open for the Animals back in the 60s.

east - west - sexism is always in fashion, isnt it.

However, a bloody mess inside eggs would be extremely popular with Chinese vampires.

Maybe they should stop feeding razors to the hens and go back to soybean and other grains...

Does that mean that the girlfriend I had who turned into a total (w)itch on occasion was LAYING EGGS?

(Har! @ ligirl's quick pickup!)

There are sum actual advantages to a system that uses ectogenesis for reproduction.

Combined with bacon, hashbrowns and whole wheat toast is one that immediately comes to mind ...

Don't tell Dan Chang about this -- he'll base a whole restaurant on it. Momofuku Bloody Egg Bar.

I grew up on a farm, and if I remember correctly, this was probably a fertilized egg on its way to becoming a baby chick. Looks gross, I know, but there's nothing weird or harmful to humans--not so for the chick-to-be, as you can't very well put it back in the eggshell.

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